Frequently Asked Questions

When does the PWBA Tour season begin?

The 2017 season will begin with the PWBA Sonoma County Open, April 27-29, and concludes with the Smithfield PWBA Tour Championship in September.

Do I have to be a PWBA member to compete in an event?

No. Guests will be allowed to compete in all PWBA events*, however, PWBA members receive a $100 discount on the entry fee for standard events. (*PWBA Players Championship and Tour Championship are for 2017 PWBA members only)

Is there a limit on the number of players for an event?

Yes, but the limit is based on the number of lanes in the host center and varies by event. PWBA members also have a 21-day priority over guests.

How much does it cost to enter each event?

The entry fee for standard events is $300 for members and $400 for non-members. Entries for the USBC Queens are $350 until April 25. The entry fee will go up to $400 beginning April 26. The entry fee for the U.S. Women’s Open will be $400.

How much does a PWBA membership cost and what are the benefits?

A PWBA membership costs $300 for the 2017 season. PWBA members will receive the following benefits:

  • A $100 entry-fee discount on PWBA Standard events
  • Entry priority for PWBA Standard events
  • Discounted practice rates at official PWBA Practice Centers
  • A free PWBA award ring for first 300 bowled during PWBA Standard event
  • The ability to compete in PBA events at PBA member entry fees
  • The right to receive a PWBA champion's banner for winning a PWBA national tour event
  • The right to transport equipment on the PWBA Player Services truck (transport fees apply)
  • A personalized membership card
  • Five PWBA bag tags
  • The right to wear the logo of a pro shop or business they own or operate (subject to PWBA Product Registration rules)
  • The right to enter the PWBA Players Championship
  • An opportunity to qualify for the Smithfield PWBA Tour Championship
  • A name listing on the PWBA website

Go to or click here to learn more and to submit a PWBA application.

What equipment can I use during PWBA competition?

Only registered products may be used during PWBA competition. A full list can be found by clicking Format and Product Registration.

What rule changes were made for the 2017 PWBA season?

A complete copy of the Official PWBA Rules and Regulations can be found here. Some key rules changes that will start in 2017:

Tournament Entry, Payment and Member Priority- Rules have been updated to provide PWBA members with entry priority into the tournaments. Entry Deadline – Deadline for filing of entry to PWBA tournaments shall be twenty-one (21) days prior to the start date of the tournament. Starting date is the date designated as the official practice day. Any late PWBA member entries shall be assessed a $50 administrative fee. PWBA may establish entry deadlines and late entry penalties in exception to this rule for special events at its discretion.

Priority for Acceptance of Entries- The entry field will be set to accommodate the maximum number of competitors, subject to the number of lanes available and no more than five (5) competitors assigned to any pair of lanes. PWBA members shall have first priority to enter prior to the 21-day deadline with additional priority given to Hall of Fame members and PWBA Tour champions. Priority among members will be determined by date of entry. If a member attempts to enter a tournament at a time when only ten (10) spots remain in the tournament proper, they will be placed on the PWBA Qualifier list.

PWBA Qualifiers- Will be conducted only if a center has 32 lanes or less. Non-members wishing to enter a PWBA event will be placed on the PWBA Qualifier list and will either be confirmed into the tournament proper or into the field for the PWBA Qualifier 20 days prior to the start of the official tournament competition. The number of spots available for the PWBA Qualifier will be determined by the difference between the size of the field and the number of members entered into the event. A minimum of ten (10) spots will be held for the PWBA Qualifier, although this number may be larger. At the time of the PWBA Qualifier, if the number of competitors entered in the PWBA Qualifier is less than the number of spots available in the tournament proper, then all competitors will be confirmed into the tournament proper and the PWBA Qualifier will be canceled. Any competitor who competes in the PWBA Qualifier but does not qualify for the tournament proper will be refunded one-half of their entry fee.

Commissioners Entry- Commissioners of the PWBA can invite players to compete in a PWBA event at member pricing and bypass the PWBA Qualifier.

Bowling on Wrong Lane- If a competitor bowls on the wrong lane:
1) If a competitor rolls a strike, she must replay the frame on the correct lane.
2) If a competitor does not strike, her pinfall will stand, and she must complete the frame on the same lane.

I see there will be an event near me. How much does it cost to attend a PWBA tournament?

Ticket prices are determined by the PWBA event host. The PWBA Tour schedule can be found here and more information can be found by clicking the “Details” link on the event.

Will there be any pro-am events or appearances by players at each stop?

Yes, each event will have a pro-am for fans to meet the stars of the PWBA Tour. Check with the host bowling center for additional information.

Can I watch the PWBA Tour on TV?

A number of PWBA events will be nationally televised in 2017. Additional information will be announced soon. All PWBA standard events will be broadcast live on Xtra Frame and later will be made available for on-demand viewing on the BowlTV YouTube channel.

I think my center would be a great place for a PWBA tournament. How are venues determined?

If you or someone you know would like to host a PWBA tournament, please contact Tennelle Milligan at

Our local association would really like to help out. Do you need any volunteers?

PWBA host centers provide volunteers to help out at PWBA tournaments. If you would like to volunteer, please contact one of the host centers by clicking here and let them know you would like to help.

If I have other questions, who can I contact?

We would love to hear from you. Click here